We are super excited to announce that we have extended our coverage to Mirpur starting from 7th May, 2018. We have opened a new site office in Mirpur 10 to service the whole of Mirpur area.

We had started our service in the pilot stage in Mohmmadpur 17th November, 2017. We soon extended the coverage area to include Dhanmondi, Lalmatia and Kalabagan areas. We have been covering this area from our Mohammadpur site office.

Since the beginning of our service we received innumerable requests to extend our service to other parts of the city. Mirpur dwellers were the majority. So we chose Mirpur to be our second base.

The population of Mirpur is 5 times as large as the combined population of our previous areas. So it's a tough challenge for us.

We have touched the lives of many hundreds of people already in our first batch of areas. We hope we will be able to make a difference in lives of many thousands more in the new area.