How It Works


Registration is hassle free. Just call us on the number. Our team will help you to register the parent under a dedicated specialist doctor.

General checkup

General checkup by home visit doctor to collect the medical history of patient.

Checkup by senior specialist doctor

We provide visiting or video calling service with our senior specialist doctors.

Yearly Management Plan

We share the comprehensive management plan along with the cost.


Payment is easy. You don’t have to pay at a time. Payment option starts from monthly basis.

Home visit checkups & monitoring continues

Home visit checkups and monitoring under the dedicated specialist doctor starts as per the yearly plan.

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Olwel NRB Parent Care Plan At A Glance

Management of chronic condition
- Patient screeting at home
- Consultation with specialist doctors in person or over video in presence of Olwel doctor
- Sample Collection from home for investigations (if needed)
- Comprehensive management plan by Specialist doctor
- Regular checkup at home by Olwel doctors as per plan under the supervision of Olwel specialist pool
- Provide regular updates to relatives living away.
A family doctor
- Home doctors visit for any issue (if and when necessary, within 1 hour of notification)
- Two-way followup and 14X7 availibility of Olwel doctor over phone with patients history at finger tips.
Comprehensive care
Facilitation on visiting right specialists and hospitalization (if necessary)
Second opinion
- Faciliation to get second opinion from Swedish Specialist doctos over video (if required)

Why Choose NRB Parent Care

Monitored by Family Specialist

Be monitored by a family specialist for a long term.

Proactive counselling

Every 2 weeks proactive counselling session with patient.

14/7 Doctor

Get access to 14/7 doctor over the phone.

3 layers of physicians

Family Specialist, General Practitioner, Call center doctor.

Package Includes

Subscription includes Charge/Session
- Registration under dedicated senior specialist doctor by Olwel
- Primary home visit by an Olwel Doctor screening and medical history collection
- Visit/video call with senior specialist doctor
- Complete health care management plan by senior specialist doctor
3000 BDT
14/7 doctor consultation over the phone Unlimited
Follow up visit as per the management plan 1000 BDT/Visit
Video call with external specialists in presence of Olwel home visit doctor 2500 BDT/Visit
Follow up visit to external consultant doctor as per the plan 1500 BDT/Visit
Assistance to specialists/hospital/diagnosis center 1000 BDT/Assistance
Proactive counselling by doctor over the phone 24 times/2 weeks
Sample collection from home and delivery with investigation (Diabetes, glucose test) 300 BDT/Visit
Emergency ambulance appointment Unlimited
25% discount from selected diagnosis centers Unlimited

For further details & query please call

09666 766 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Those of us who live abroad, the issue that concerns us most is the healthcare of our parents back home. It is quite likely that our elderly parents are at risk of, or already suffering from diseases like heart disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases or cancer. Fortunately, early detection and proper management of these can prevent life threatening complications (e.g. heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure, amputations, blindness). Olwel, the pioneer of doctor at home service, is offering a Parent Care Plan to relieve these concerns by providing regular health checkup & monitoring based on comprehensive health management plan.

* Plan includes frequency of follow up needed, medicine to be taken, frequency of necessary routine tests and other management, other management plan.
Under the current healthcare system, often just being under busy specialists does not ensure proper healthcare management. From our research and experience we have seen that

- Many parents are incapable of visiting specialist doctors on regular basis. Many are reluctant to undergo necessary routine tests due to long waiting hours in traffic and doctors’ chambers.

- Most specialists do not have enough time to explain the treatment regime or provide proper counselling.

- There is no coordination if someone is consulting more than one specialist doctors, e.g. a cardiac specialist for heart and a nephrologist for kidney. Sometimes, conflicting or repeat medicine is prescribed.

- There is no supervised monitoring of a patient’s health situation between two visits. In the meantime usually it is difficult to reach the specialists if any complication arises.

- Lack of long-term medical records hamper effective treatment.
Bank, bKash, Cash.
There is no hidden cost in the yearly management plan. If any added service is required which is out of the plan, the cost may differ.
Just call us on this number - 09666 766 000
Just call us on this number 09666 766 000 to get any sort of assistance.
Yes, we offer that service. BDT1000 will be charged per visit.
Yes, we will co-ordinate with the ambulance service.