How It Works


Just call us at 09666 766 000. We will register your parent under a dedicated specialist doctor.


We will come to your parents at their homes. Our specialist doctor will take your parent’s responsibility from there.


Monitor your parent’s health conditions regularly with a comprehensive plan. Receive regular updates, and the little amount that it will cost you to safeguard your parents will also be mentioned.


OLWEL NRB PARENT CARE is affordable, and you don’t have to pay all at once! Pay at your desired intervals through multiple suitable monthly fee options for you to choose.


Home visit check-ups and monitoring sessions are vital for a happy lifestyle. Our Specialist Doctors will follow up with your Elderly loved ones according to your yearly plan.

No matter how far we come, our parents are always in us.

- Brad Meltzer

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Olwel NRB Parent Care Plan At A Glance

- Checking Patients thoroughly at their own home
- Regularly giving YOU updates, no matter where you are!
- Consulting with specialist doctors personally, via video conference if necessary, in the presence of the doctor at home
- Collecting samples from home for diagnosis, when required
- Creating Comprehensive Health Care plans by Specialist Doctors
- Providing Regular Check-ups at home by Specialist Doctors
- Visit your loved ones for any issues they might have within an hour, when necessary
- Are always on call (14/7) with all prescriptions and history at hand to listen, understand and provide proper guidance
- Ambulance services instantly during emergencies
- Proper facilities and required specialists, including hospitalization if needed

Why Choose NRB Parent Care

Monitored by Family Specialist

Be monitored by a family specialist for a long term.

Proactive counselling

Every 2 weeks proactive counselling session with patient.

14/7 Doctor

Get access to 14/7 doctor over the phone.

3 layers of physicians

Family Specialist, General Practitioner, Call center doctor.

When & Where Your Parents Suffer Most

It is truly becoming difficult to expect consistent care and proper management at the current healthcare centres of Bangladesh. From our experience and research, we have found that:

Parents are not being able to visit specialist doctors on regular basis, due to health condition or transportation difficulty. Many are reluctant to go because of the necessary routine tests and long waiting hours, in traffic and doctors’ chambers.
Most specialists do not have enough time to explain the medication plan or provide proper suggestions.
Coordination of the medication is vital if there are multiple symptoms. Parents who are consulting more than one specialist doctor (e.g. a cardiac specialist for heart and a nephrologist for kidney), they sometimes prescribe conflicting or repeating medication.
Supervision is commonly absent in the period between two doctor visits. Also, it is often difficult for your parents to reach specialists if any complications arise during these periods.
Lack of long-term medical records hampers effective treatment; particularly when unplanned treatments are provided, through numerous doctors, for distinctive health issues over many years.


Olwel was established to bring discipline to the current scattered healthcare system. We believe in ‘living well’ with a proactive mindset and action plan for you.

Our mission is to prevent, reduce and cure health issues through proper screening and comprehensive health care plan. This is done assigning Family Physicians with the help of ICT.

After almost 3 years of research and pilot, we have successfully developed a complete health care system which combines 3 layers of physicians; all to provide middle aged and elderly patients with the right healthcare in the comfort of their homes.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

FAMILY SPECIALISTS shall monitor your health and conditions from the comfort of your own home for a lifetime
PRACTICAL COUNSELLING sessions once every two weeks keeps you aware of what’s wrong and assured of solutions
CONSTANT AVAILABILITY of our 14/7 Specialist Doctors over calls keeps you confident in confusions and emergencies
ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS from 3 layers of physicians, namely Family Specialists, General Practitioners and Call Centre Doctors

Package Includes

Choose the services you want and only pay for what you choose!

Assessment Procedure
- Register under a Specialist Doctor, dedicated to you
- Get a home visit by the Doctor to check-up and collect medical history
- Doctor will discuss with the parents personally for additional information
- Specialist Doctor will discuss with the patient directly, face to face or through video conference
- Will keep updated the client step by step
- After thorough check-up and health condition analysis and Yearly plan will be assigned
- Create a full healthcare management plan for the future
Benefits with The Yearly Plan (Will vary according to the plan)
Get a regular consultation with Doctors over the phone.
Doctors are available for 14 hours every day, all week (14/7)
Get follow up visits
as per the Health Care plan you set
Get Video calls with external specialists
with your Specialist Doctor at home with you
Get follow up visits to external consultant doctors
as per the health care plan you set
Get assistance from Specialists/Hospital/Diagnosis Centres
wherever you recommend and feel comfortable
Get detailed counselling by Specialist Doctor over the phone
perhaps against or additional to the health care plan you set
Get your samples collected from home for investigation
Checks include for Diabetes and Glucose tests
Get an Emergency Ambulance
25% discount from selected diagnosis centres

For further details & query please call

09666 766 000

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a trusted service to take care of your Elderly loved ones on your behalf. Life gets difficult when you are on the move, for both you and your parents; particularly when abroad or separated by long distances. We completely understand this, and wish to help you carry out our responsibilities. We look after their health in any and every way possible to avoid complications and emergencies.
Olwel NRB Parent Care offers Family Specialists, Practical Counselling, Constant Availability and Accurate Diagnosticians. Kindly take a look at “WHAT MAKES US STAND APART” section for how far we go to assure the happiness of our Elderly.
Cash, bKash, Bank Transfer
None! VAT charges added to prices.
Call us! Our hotline is 09666 766 000. We are available from 8am to 10pm in Bangladesh.
This could result in two ways. Either we send an Experienced Doctor to your home within one hour to solve the complication, or directly send over an Ambulance. All you need to do is call us! Our hotline is 09666 766 000.
Yes of course! All you need to do is call us! Our hotline is 09666 766 000. We are available from 8am to 10pm in Bangladesh.
Yes we do! All you need to do is call us during the emergency! Our hotline is 09666 766 000.